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Design Sprint

Before You Design, Before You Build, Before You Spend…

Faced with competing business challenges vying for our limited resources, entrepreneurs have to prioritize their efforts for the best possible outcomes. As business leaders, we have to focus our efforts to make sure we are tackling the big problems. How do we know it´s the right problem to focus on? Has anyone talked to clients? Has the tech team weighed in? How many meetings does it take to move the needle?

If you’re like most companies – too many meetings, not enough testing – in the end, unimpressed customers outcome.

“Mike is an amazing combination – he has deep expertise & skills from his background in Venture Capital. He absolutely understands business and how to build it based on solid fundamentals. Mike also has a razor-sharp mind and is very direct and to the point. I like to tease him that he is the “Dr. Phil” of business – he’s going to tell you like he sees it, whether it’s easy to hear or not!” – Melinda Phillips, ZümiFi

It´s time to change our approach to problem-solving. It´s time for Design Sprint!

Developed at GV (formerly, Google Ventures), design sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. It offers a proven, step by step approach to problem-solving – moving from idea to prototyping to decision while saving both time and money.  This is how you build better products faster.

We work with stakeholders to capture big opportunities, solve problems and make sure your company offers the ultimate customer experience.  The structured framework tests ideas, builds prototypes, and solicits customer feedback in just 5 days! A practical approach to solving critical business questions.

When should you use a Design Sprint? 

  • Launching a new product or a service.
  • Extending an existing experience to a new platform.
  • Existing MVP needs an injection of UX / UI Design.
  • Adding new features and functionality to a service offering.
  • Opportunities for improvement of a product (e.g. a high rate of cart abandonment)

The Process

  • Day 1 – discover the business opportunity, the audience, the competition, the value proposition, and define KPIs.
  • Day 2 – Explore, develop and iterate creative ways of solving the problem, regardless of feasibility.
  • Day 3 – Evaluate solutions through storyboarding to assess the best option to prototype.
  • Day 4 – Design and prepare prototype(s) that can be tested with people.
  • Day 5 – Conduct 1:1 user testing with (5-6) customers who represent the product’s primary target audience. 

We guide you through this process to clearly define goals, validate assumptions and decide on a product roadmap before you design, build and spend.

We would welcome the opportunity to help you solve big problems and test new ideas.

Design Sprint – Before You Design, Before You Build, Before You Spend


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